Welcome to Ms. Donnelly's Wiki Page and Third Grade!
Hello, third grade families! Thank you for visiting my wikispace.

Parents, please feel free to contact me by emailing me at mdonnelly@omsslo.com or phoning me at 548-0246.
My dedication to helping your child in any way is steadfast!

We have started multiplication! The third graders are very excited and proud to use factors and find products. They already know so much about multiplication, the little geniuses! We will be soon using our "holey" cards, so be sure to practice with your child so he/she can multiply basic facts with speed and accuracy.

Our next writing assignment will be a Three Paragraph Personal Essay which will be due January 27. This will include the Think Sheet, sloppy copy, final copy and grading sheet.

In science we are studying the solar system and beyond. We are reading the letters of St. Paul in religion and learning about God's compassion and mercy.
I am so proud of such confident third graders who volunteer for parts at Wednesday Masses.
Please remember to check your child's homework log every Monday for assignments and important reminders.
Edgrr Donnelly